X axis out of calibration

hello all. im sure the thread is there I just cant seem to find it. can I calibrate the x axis in easel? in a 250 mm move to the right im 2mm off. I saw some video about universal g code sender but have no clue on earth how to set that up and calibrate the x axis correctly. any tips from the pros please

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First of all you need to find your current $100 value, open Easel -> Machine Inspector and in the Console window type:
$$ then hit Enter
A $-list will appear, locate the $100-value. Say it says =40.

Recalibrate step/mm by, assuming you get 252mm travel for a 250mm command:
Current $-value * Commanded travel / Actual travel
40 * 250 / 252 = 39.68

Insert new value by typing in Console:
$100=39.68 followed by hitting Enter

Restart controller to make change take effect. Re-test :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!!!