X axis risers over Y axis risers

Howdy! I just got my X-carve last week and when I ordered it I got a few other things as well. I went ahead and upgraded to the CNC for newbies 8" travel Z axis. I also got the X axis risers. I haven’t seen anyone do the X risers, it seems like everyone is always putting risers on the Y . Has anyone here rose the X axis rather than the Y ? How is it working for you? Thanks!

Hi Scott.

I have been looking at the X risers from CNC4newbies and I can’t make up my mind. I’d be interested in hearing from you as to how you like them, how hard were they to install, was there a lot of adjustments that had to be redone, how’s the rigidity and anything else you can think of. Did you also get the stiffeners? Some pictures would be nice too.


Hey!, Yea, I ordered mine before putting my new machine together. So I’m not sure yet. I just got some of the upgrades out of the way right on the first whack. I got the 8" CNC newbies Z, I go the X risers, and I got the 9mm GT3 belt kit from TBDCNC.com . All should make things more rigid and more accurate right out of the gate. I will update you when I get it all installed. Should be this weekend.

Great, thanks Scott, look forward to seeing some pictures and hearing your first impressions.

OK, I have everything installed . The machine looks incredible! It is VERY beefy. So again , I have a 8" Z slider from CNC4newbies. I also have their X risers and I went with the GT3 belt kit from TBDcnc.com . I’ve been having trouble settings steps per mm. But I believe I know what I got wrong now. I’ll post pictures this evening. The machine looks fantastic and runs great as well. I’m impressed. We’ll see how the first few projects go.

Thanks for the update Scott. Look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing how you feel about the X-Risers after you’ve done a couple of projects.

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Hey Scott, have you had any time to see how your X axis risers are performing?

How about those pictures. :grinning:



I was just thinking about this upgrade today and was curious if one is better then the other. In theory, they both do the same thing but would love to hear what the community thinks. TBD CNC Y risers or CNC 4 Newbie X risers? Someone on here certainly must know or have an opinion. Anyone?

I actually went with the X risers from CNC4Newbies. They are very nice and strong. Really thick aluminum. I also installed their Y stiffeners I’m also happy with those.

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I think I’m leaning towards this option as well. Thanks for the info brother.

Where do the stiffners go?

They go between the Y-Axis Extrusions, where the gantry rides, and the bottom extrusions where the spoil board rests on. I have 4 on each side. See picture.

Hope this helps you decide.

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Awesome thank you