X axis shift by ~50% half way through

Have tried this carve, starting from scratch multiple times, and have had the same issue.
Redid the design, same issue.

The carve worked perfect on a test. I then installed the dust control and every carve since has been problematic.

Hi Trevor & welcome :slight_smile:

Looks like your X-axis is loosing steps, either from mechanical binding or too much friction.
Bit also seem to be no good and/or too aggressive feed rate due to the amount of fuzzies.

What RPM/feed rate/bit/depth per pass did you try?

Guessing this isn’t good.


Gantry also rocks forward…

No that’s not good. Take the router off and check the screw going into the delrin nut. Also check the eccentric nut and the bolt on the V wheels.
This is just a picture of the bolt and eccentric nut, its the Y axis but they are the same.
The eccentric nuts are on the bottom

I have a similar problem with the carve shifting on left