X-axis shifts while in carve

My x-axis is shifting at the start of carves so that everything is moved over about 0.100 on that axis. When the carve is complete, the machine does not return to x zero, but remains at the offset 0.100 value. The problem repeats precisely every time. I just installed a new serve (with the swaged on pulley) and that did not help. The belt tension is fine and I am sure there is no slippage on the belts. I have used my machine extensively for two years without this problem. I am running out of things to try and any help would be appreciated. I haven’t knowingly ever shifted my machine zero from my part zero, but it seems like something on that order could be the issue. I use Fusions 360 for all my design and CAM work.

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Do an Easel-only carve and see if the problem is repeatable there - if it is there is something mechanical causing this.

did you find a solution? mine started doing the same thing… do steppers wear out?

Bearings could go bad, but I´d look more into wiring/connectors/set screws etc as a CNC do cause a bit of vibrating :slight_smile:

idk if you guys noticed but, my xCarve was solid as a rock on idle mode, I could change a bit without it skipping a step, now its almost like the steppers are turned off on idle, is that on purpose as an Easel upgrade? or should I check how much voltage my power module is outputting? I feel this is related to my Xaxis skipping