X axis skipping steps near end of project

Browsed a few topics and the next chance i get i will be trying to a few things but wanted to run my problem through the site to see if there are any ideas or topics i might have missed.

I have had my xcarve 1000 for about 3-4 years and it has worked flawlessly for the most part if i didn’t make a mistake. The last year i didn’t really touch it and recently i got a bug to build an arcade and wanted to CNC a few parts like the sides and the gamepad. The cut seems to go smooth for about 90% of the cut then at the end it will skip steps, about 1/8 inch each layer (x axis, not Y). When cutting the 2 sides one turned out perfect and the second one it skipped. then i cut the gamepad which was about 10 holes though MDF. All this is done through 3/4 MDF using a bosch colt.

Just seems weird that after 4 years this is happening… I checked belts, rails and just about everything moving, need to check the voltage. Also its in my garage and its about 25F in there and there are fans on the arduino so i can see it overheating.

I design on fusion 360 and create the gcode on vcarve then cut using chilipepper.

Any ideas would be awesome!

Upped the voltage and everything is working now. Kinda weird that after 3 years of using it through every material possible it decided to start skipping. Well it’s fixed.