X axis stepper motor binds during easel test. Please help!

Hello - I’m new to CNC and am not very technically adept, but I managed to assemble the machine with relatively little problems. When I downloaded Easel and tested the machine, the Y and Z axes worked fine but the X axis won’t move more than one step back or forth when I hit the test arrows. All lights work when the machine is on and the X axis light turns green when I slide the X axis when the machine is off. Any suggestions? Thanks! P.S I tested the wheels and they are not too tight.

Have you checked the power settings for all the axis on the arduino?

I had a similar problem with movement and after reading through the forum discovered that adjusting those power levels solved alot of problems

in case you need help;

on the arduino there are rotating pot switches for each axis.
I have all three of mine set to just a little past half way between high and low. Turn them to both extents and find the spot that works for you.

a good test is to move in each direction, while it is moving try to stop it using a small amount of force. if it stops or skips then the power is low. Mine will actually move the whole machine without skipping if I hold my hand up to it.

Hope this helps.

Hi Glen - Thanks for the suggestion. I adjusted the pot and the power level seems ok, but it won’t move more than a step. If I keep hitting either arrow, the stepper just goes back and forth the one step. Very frustrating. But thanks again!

The two motors should be turning in opposite directions. Perhaps you have them wired so they are fighting each other? Try disconnecting one motor.

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Thanks everyone. Problem resolved. After triple checking the wiring, I discovered the red wire wasn’t making proper connection. I’m happy to say I was able to run the test carve successfully! Thanks again.