X-Axis Stepper Motor Not Locking Securely

Hey all,

Have the new X-Carve 1000mm w/ X-Controller for about 8months now.

I have been noticing an issue where the the X-Axis motors are not locking securely. More specifically if the x-carve is on I can still move the X-axis without much force required. (Without power they are free flowing and I can not move the Y-Axis at all.)
This is causing some issues with carriage movement as I change bits and it may be causing some issues on some shapes where it seems to slip.

I’ve switched the X-Motor with the Z-Motor, without change, $1=255 is in the config, I’ve tightened the 4x adjustable V-Wheels and the belting looks reasonably tight.

Not sure what else to check at this point. Any help is appreciated.


Your stepper driver has a potmeter to set the amps running through the motor. When not all steppers have the same value there will be a difference in holding power. Maybe your X axis stepper is underpowered.

The X-Controller has an idle power mode option for each motor which reduces the power to the motor by 50% when the controller is idling. I believe that the X-axis and Y-Axis idle current switches are Enabled when you get it from the factory, and the current is somewhere around 2A. That is bad if you’re going to be doing tool changes during a job without re-homing.

The idle current mode is enabled/disabled by switching one of the DIP switches on the X-Controller board. There is a table written directly on the circuit board that tells you which switch does what, and there’s a diagram that also shows you how to adjust the current for your particular motors. Read the section titled “Prepare Controller Board” in the assembly guide for more information.

I will be check the Potmeter and Idle Power mode this weekend.
Sounds like having the X Axis idle disabled makes sense for me.