X axis stepper motor runs when x axis stop switch is active

Xcarve 1000mm-Hav’nt used my machine in a week and when trying to do a carve today, when i homed the machine and it reached its x axis limit the motor did not disengage. i ran an ohms check on the limit switch and it checked out fine. Ran an ohms check on the x axis limit wiring and it checked good. Checked all wiring connections to the xcontroller all secure. Im scratching my head and would appreciate any advise. Have customers waiting

You can redo the home from within machine inspector by sending the command $h from the console section.

To get to machine inspector press ctrl+shift+D

Then watch the white circles turn to green as it touches the switch (you can also verify this manually by pressing switch and setting if it turns green)

Thanks for the reply

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I talked with Inventables today and seem convinced the problem is with the micro switch. I ohm tested the switch in the on and off positions and it checked good. They are sending me switches to try but I fully expect it to be in the controller. We’ll see. Thanks again for the response, machine status showed ALARM and indicated the switch was disabled. All wires and connections checked ok.

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you can clear the alarm state by sending the command $x in the console part of the machine inspector. And then press each of the switches by hand to see if the corresponding circle changes from white to green.

IF they all work when pressed by hand it would seem the issue is just the position of the switch… but if that X switch does not work when triggered by hand you could swap the X and Y at the back of the x controller and test again, IF the problem moves then its a bad switch (or wires) IF it stays in the same position (still showing the X is bad even after swapping X and Y) then it’s something inside the xcontroller.
Make sure to swap them back after this test :wink:

About to try new switch sent by Inventables. I’ll let you know if it works

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After trouble shooting with Inventables they decided to send me a new board for the controller. Thanks again for the guidance

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