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X axis stuck

I started a carve of 50 stars for a flag and after the first star the x-carve didn’t move right on the x axis but instead jogged left and got stuck there. Now I can’t even manually jog the machine through easel in either direction. Both the Y and Z axis still respond

Did the belt break?

No it didn’t. When I try to jog it tries to move but fails

Could the sprocket have came lose form the stepper motor?
Can you turn it off and manually move it along the X axis?

Yes I can push it by hand and it moves

When power is on, will X axis move by hand?
If yes, its possible your X-driver is toast.

You mentioned it went in the wrong direction which may indicate one of the four motor wires are broken. Stepper will move as commanded but directional control is lost with 1 wire broken.

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did u get a resolve on this mine is doing the same thing