X-Axis tracking problems

I have an Xcarve at work that has had problems off and on for pretty much the whole time we have had it. It WAS a G-shield machine that we put the V2 upgrade kit into it last summer. The kids have really not tried to use it this year. I finally got into it to mess around and see why it has not been used. Last summer I completely rebuilt the machine.

The problems we have now, on large cuts, the X-axis has real problems with tracking. I have replaced the belt and checked tension on the belt.

The Carriage will move erratically to the right to left or even just not move when it is supposed to from Easel. Could this possibly be a bad stepper motor?

Have you checked and re-seated your electrical connections?

Have you checked steps per mm over a large (600mm) distance?

How do I do this?

Search ‘steps per mm’