X axis travel distance suddenly doubled

I was in the middle of a job and the x axis suddenly doubled in distance and it appears speed as well. Should I just change the $100 to 20? It’s exactly double.

If you double the steps/mm ($100), it will take twice as many steps and go twice as far. You’d want to divide by two.
What machine are you running?

That’s what I meant. Thank you. Just changed 40 to 20 and that did it.

Touched any dip switches recently?

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WHY did this happen? Those settings don’t just change.

This will cause you trouble in the future. Only way this works as a correct fix is if you modified your micro-stepping for that axis.

No I have not touched anything. That’s why I’m puzzled. I setup my job. Monitored it for a few moments. Then all of a sudden I heard that something didn’t sound right. When I came back to pause the operation, I noticed that it was off by 1” and it was trying to plunge down to the current level in an area that wasnt cut yet. After moving the gantry, I noticed that it was off.

Have not touched anything. My controller and laptop is down below in a sealed cabinet

There is the chance og something inside the cabinet that have shorted the microstepping switch / malfunctioning circuitry.

I have seen several cases where this was caused by a blown driver chip.