X-Axis uneven cutting depth

I am having trouble with the depth of cutting on the X-Axis. If looking directly at the machine, the left side of the x-axis does not cut as deep as the right side of the x-axis. I have leveled the waste board to the x- axis and performed the x-axis modification as described in the New Brit Workshop videos. I measured the distance from the top of the waste board to the x maker slide and all 3 positions (Left, Middle, Right) measure 4". I am in need of additional suggestions or help.

What are you trying to mill? If your answer was “a big circle,” I might suspect lose Z axis V wheel eccentric nuts. It’s possible that the direction you’re carving could pull at the router to plunge it deeper or pull it out. If you haven’t done so already, get some MDF and cut 1" diameter circles on the far right and far left of your wasteboard at various depths. Then grab some calipers and measure the depth of each circle like ten times to see if it’s consistent for that small circle. Then test it against the other side of the wasteboard.

Sounds like your spindle may not be square to the wasteboard. You can detect unsquare-ness by using a large bit like a wasteboard cutter and making multiple passes in the same direction with very little stepover.

I covered it in a little more details in my wasteboard video, if you’re interested: https://youtu.be/5NKmmMKNpOE?t=9m4s