X axis wandering

I have a done a lot of cutting with my xcarve but recently the X axis is wandering a ton. when the cut is finished or when I stop the machine, and the x axis returns to home, its up to .25 - .5" off the home. Any sugestions

I would start by checking belt tightness and verify that the set screws on the pulley are tight. Several users have reported pulley slippage after repeated use.

Sounds like you’re losing steps. There’s quite a few culprits, but @TysonSwan listed some of the most common. Also good to make sure your V-wheels aren’t too tight, and might want to test and adjust your pots.

@LarryM had a great forum post which listed a bunch of potential causes, it may be worth checking out: [Guide] Offset cutting, Lost steps, Positioning errors, etc