X-axis whining problem

I got a problem with x-axis steppermotor. When i start the powerswitch the steppermotor is making a whining sound without driving it and its very hard to move. whats the problem?
//thanks for fast response

The motors are locked, they are actively getting power to prevent you from messing up your zeroing by accidentally bumping the x or y. You can turn it off, but it is helpful sometimes. I had the same question when I first set up my xcarve.

ok, it´s sound like you are right. But how do i turn this off?

There is a real good chance that you have the eccentric nut to tight. Turn the power off on the power supply and see if the axis moves and moves all the way across. You might have to loosen the nut just a little. 1/16th or even 1/32 of a turn till it moves like it should.

awkward as it is. i have forgotten to tighten the steppermotor wheel, so it just slippered.
Thanks for your respond.

Glad you figured it out.