X axis will not move

Everything is wired correctly and I hear the motor engaging but no movement. I feel it is too tight on the rail. I can not even move it by hand and had to force it on the rail when I put the carriage on initially but I see nothing on how to fix it. The V wheels are very tight to the rail.

Do the X motor spin when belt is disengaged?
Do the X-axis feel smooth when dragged around with belt disengaged?

If the wheels are to tight / cause friction they will prevent smooth operation.
But if motor is good, binding is bad it will make a “grinding noise” when attempting to move.

No. It is too tight on the rail. It will not move AT ALL. I just need to know how to loosen the it on the rail. I have tried loosening the v wheels. Does nothing

Could it be the same issue as reported here?

Mine looks aligned

Are the 4 eccentric spacers in the furthest open position?

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If I remember correctly, the dot indicates the “open” or furthest away, which in the most open position they would face down. If it’s tight with those all open then I’d look at the spacing on the holes. I had a carriage with a few mangled holes for the eccentric spacers that inventables quickly replaced.

I have no clue what spacers everyone is mentioning. There is nothing that opens

These here.

Okay. Mine are on just like the instructions show.

They turn, there is an offset hole that pushes the v wheels against the rail as you turn it. When the hole or “dot” is furthest away from the rail(dot pointing down), the wheel should be loose when the carriage is place on the rails. You then tighten each eccentric spacer by turning them which brings the v wheels closer to the rails until they are snug.

Just point all of yours down and see if it loosens up on the rails.

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I got 2 to loosen… I had no idea that was a thing… unfortunately the other rail is in the dang way to get the other 2… ugghhhhhhh

If you have the tool pack inventables has or an 8mm wrench then it’s fairly easy to get to.

Of course I have a socket but no wrench… to the hardware store lol

When you do get them loose, the general rule for tightening them back is that you can’t turn them with 1 finger but you can with 2.

These are beyond tight. Idk how they got that way but omg… Poor stepper.

Works perfect now!!! Thank you… can’t believe I didn’t know what those things were.

Awesome! Glad it’s sorted. Don’t forget to do the same on the Y axis as well!

So… I just broke a bit… it was sparking. Idk wtf just happened