X axis Wobble

I agree it has to be in the wheels. I have new wheels that will be here Monday. I have checked for build up and obvious things visually without taking it apart. I believe it is in one of the upper wheels since I just had all the bottom ones off when I changed to the one piece beam.

When you take the bottom wheels off again you can inspect the top wheels. You should fasten the top wheel bolts while the gantry is sitting on the X beam. This prevents a misalignment between the two sets of wheels. Put your finger on each wheel while moving to verify they all make contact, this should also show any wheel to be square. If they feel good all along the X beam re-assemble the lower wheels, put the tension on and feel the friction of all 4 top wheels, they should be the same.

Also check if all the washers are in place. Hopefully the wobble will be gone after this.

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I will definitely try that method when I go back together. Are you referring to the washers inside the v wheels?

All washers both inside and outside. If one on the inside is missing the bearings are crushed together and they won’t turn normally, if one of the outside washers is missing the alignment will be compromised.

I finally got my x carve put back together with new v wheels on the x carriage. I could not see or feel anything wrong with the wheels I took off but the wobble is gone with the new ones. Not sure what it was but I’m glad it’s fixed. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions on what to do.