X cariage adjustmen and tuning

OK so i have my gantry and y rails all assembled and am now going through moving carriage back and forth to align it. I have loosened all the eccentric nuts on X cariage and cannot seem to get it to move back and forth smoothly it seems to be pinching grabbing when i tighten everything back up.
I have tried several different positions on eccentric nuts and nothing seems to work. Can anyone give me some advice on fine tuning this. thank you.

if you have the motors installed, make sure none of the wires are crossed.

no this is before hooking up motors just pushing carriage back and forth by hand. If i tighten all nuts up X carriage doesn’t seem to slide easily. how smooth should it be just push with light force and move easily? or is it normal to have some resistance? if i loosen the eccentric nuts just a little it moves better is it ok to have them just a little loose? all v wheels seem snug against rails.
Thanks for any help or advice. Just not real sure of tuning process.

Do you have the flat washers installed between the bearings in the V Wheels? If these are missing, tightening the bolts holding the wheels together, will cause them to bind.

to be sure and completely rule this out… there are no motors installed (don’t have to be wired to anything) and no belts are installed yet? If there are, be sure that the wires aren’t touching each other as that will cause a lot of resistance.