X Carriage flex

any ideas how to remove this flex I have from my x carriage? I think this is causing a lot of my chatter problems when my carves are moving along the x axis. The video almost makes it look like it’s on the z slider but it’s all in the carriage.

Adjust the V wheels on X and Y axis.

I have them all at the “can’t move with one finger but can with finger and thumb”

Do you have the wide maker slide for the Z or the original double slide?
How much force are you applying to get that movement?
Maybe show this using a fish scale to measure the force?

Actually have the new 1 peice X axis arriving tomorrow. I will do some tests with the fish scale and post back.

Ok sounds good, I’ll just hold off until I install this weekend and update the post after! Thanks

Well I installed the x axis upgrade and did the eccentric spacer upgrade, thing is rock solid now!

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