X-Carriage Idler Bolts Not Flush to X- Carriage Frame

I am beginning the assembly of my x carve and have started with the x carriage. When installing the idler pulley bolts I noted that they do not sit flush with the x carriage frame causing the stepper not to seat into the recessed circle on the frame. This will cause the pulley on the stepper motor shaft not to be parallel to the belt. The bolts are about .85 mm high. Has any one else come across this?

I had this as well. I ended up putting a shim under the motor to make it sit parallel to the face of the carriage. Seems toi work OK.
You could try sanding off the powder coating inside the countersunk hol to see if that fixes it.

I’ve had this exact issue also. (just starting my assembly) I think I will counter-sink the holes a little deeper or grind the heads of the M5 flat-head allen screws so the motor can be mounted flush.