X-Carriage not sliding onto makerslide :/

Would anybody be able to help me with an issue I’m having getting the X-Carriage onto the makerslide for the 750mm kit? I’ve gone back and stepped through the X-Carriage assembly twice now, matching part numbers and views from photos and I’m not able to understand what the issue is. I know this sounds like a silly issue to have, but I’m getting desperate.

I’ve attached some (bad) photos, but it’s hard to think of a way to capture the issue while holding everything by myself. Here is the step I am at in the instructions (in case I’m doing a bad job of explaining things, which I usually do).

I’ve actually gouged the wheels trying to fit it together :frowning:

My best idea was to loosen all four bolts holding the V-Wheels to create a bit of wiggle room, but even this didn’t help.

In the image with my lazy photoshop, I tried to illustrate my best guess as to why these aren’t going together. I don’t know that this is at all the case, or if it is the case by design, but… It seems that the gaps (pink boxes) between the top an bottom of the plate and the V-wheels aren’t consistent. Two corners appear to have slightly larger gaps that the other two. Also, the corners (yellow lines) don’t appear to be very square.

Like I said, I know this is a silly problem to have, but it’s also an incredibly frustrating one, so if you’re able to take a moment and help me, I would GREATLY appreciate it. I really need to get this thing together. I REALLY hope I’m just overlooking something obvious here. Thanks in advance. I apologize if this isn’t in the right place of the forums.

Hi Fredrick. I’m assuming you adjusted the eccentric spacers to give you the maximum distance between the fixed wheels and the adjustable wheel?

Hi Sam, thanks for your reply. Are you referring to the seating of the eccentric spacer shoulders? I’ve made sure they are fully seated into the holes so that the spacers are flush with the X-Carriage plating. If you’re talking about something else though, could you explain a little further? Thanks again!

Ah! I’m an idiot. Thank you guys for helping me understand this!

Onto the next step :wink:

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in other words, the eccentric nuts can be turned which then moves the wheel up and down to give you a perfect fit against the rail

That makes sense now. That’s a good design. Just too good for me :wink:

I’m glad you got it. I just finished putting together my 750mm machine and there were a couple of head scratching moments. Youtube is a great source for watching other people’s builds and actually seeing how to do things.
Good luck

Correct Robert.

Even though you would consider me a newbie, I have been reading forum posts for months, but only just started using the X-Carve.

The forum is invaluable

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