X carriage problem

I don’t usually post for help except after doing a lot of searching for my problem.
My problem is, when I home my machine my left x carriage side goes to home position, but my right carriage said comes all the way forward and bumps to home position then springs back roughly 2.33 millimeters back.
I’ve tried a couple suggestions of homing, turning off machine, releasing screws in x carriage, pulling forward, resetting screws, power machine up and try the home again.
Also loosened my belt and pulled right carriage forward and re’tightened my belt but have the same problem.
Can anybody give me some idea’s of what’s happening and how I can fix this?
Thanks all…
I tried uploading a video but it wont take, sry

Only way I could upload the video

Make sure to check the belt/v wheels and even your bearings/belt couplers. Seems like somethings loose or even broken. It shouldn’t move that much. I’d check those and see what could be causing it to happen that much play in it. It should be hard to move back with everything tight. Not super tight but everything rolls nicely.

It’s not your x carriage. Check your machine for square. Particularly your Yaxis rails.

Yea this sounds like your machine is out of square as opposed to a belt/pulley/Vwheel issue.

It sounds like your machine base/Y rails are making a parallelogram instead of a square.

Measure from front left to rear right and then front right to rear left. The measurements should be the same. If not, fix the base extrusions until it’s all square.

The homing switches are only for the homing procedure. They are not limit switches. From what I can see, it looks like you are manually jogging the gantry forward to beyond the switches, and it will still try to move forward. You need to set up soft limits.

Thanks all, sorry I had a benefit concert to go to last night, start fresh this morning :wink:

ok, new day, had to go to a benefit concert last night so didn’t do anything on the machine.
Now I’m just steering at it debating on taking this machine apart to make sure it’s square…I’ve checked square many times and looks square to me, I’ll be one pissed person I take this apart and it comes out to be square…lol…Just trying to figure the best and easiest way to take this apart other then breaking all the wires and so forth down…

Don’t break it down just yet. Move the front right and back left y plates. Small adjustments until it lines up I had to do this with mine.

lol, thx for the info Curtis, but I did break it down, re-squared everything whick wasn’t un-square and still have the same problem, guess I did get it a lil better but still having the same problem with the kick back.
Tomorrow’s another day and I’ll try your method of moving front and back plates, and do a lot of calibrating…
Is it a possibility that I’m running to much power to the Left motor?

Power would help it stay in place and not bounce back so if anything, it’d be too little power meaning less holding force.

What’s your $1 GRBL setting?

From the video you have on facebook, you are not homing at all. You are running the gantry into the stop on the left side and the right side keeps moving because there is no stop.

Before homing measure the distance from both y plates to the y v wheels. The distance should be the same. This doesn’t fix anything but it’ll tell you if one side is further forward than the other.

I have been homing manually because my Z limit switch doesn’t work, and you are correct, I am running the gantry into the stop, that is where I set my Y and X, but i’m still thinking it shouldn’t be kicking back and off set like it is, or at least kick back and be set as the same on the right side…
I broke my Z limit switch trying to make the wooden now to turn the dewalt up and down by hand so I have to get a new one, before that I tried to home it all and it just hit the switch and would keep on grinding, thats when I decided that I would home manually all the time…

Do you square your gantry before turning on the machine?

If your switches aren’t working for now, just don’t even try to home and just set a work zero position every time. It’ll be less painful. You won’t be able to restart at the same X/Y/Z after a power cycle but manually homing don’t be anywhere close to accurate either.

i’ll have to get my grbl setting tomorrow…