X Carriage v-wheel hole slightly off?

I am doing the axle mod, replacing 8 m5 bolts on the x-carriage with 4 through bolts instead as part of a major upgrade of my 500x500 xcarve.

I wonder if my x-carriage has a hole slightly off… I cannot get ANY v-wheel placed on near the hole outlined in the picture below to roll on my new wide x-rail with a through-bolt setup. This was not an issue with the old dual makerslide x-gantry. Note that the picture is the new X carriage, not the 2015 one that I have.

Kinda stumped at the moment. Need some insights…

My OP might be poorly written.

My problem is that the v-wheel next to the hole outlined above will not touch the rail. All the others work fine.

Phil the x axis extrusion is not on it’s side but upside down.

I flip the extrusion over and situation is the same, so that is irrelevant.
One wheel does not touch the rail. On the opposite side all is ok. You can see in the picture below that the wheel is above the rail.

The v-wheel is dead center on the V shape it is supposed to roll on but not touching on left, right or top sides.

But anyway, I have nailed the cause. The hole in question is slightly larger than the other holes for the top v-wheels. I am going to try and line the top part of the hole with a thin strip of beer can to keep the axle in the bottom part of the hole and thus enabling contact between v-wheel and rail.

Thanks anyway!