X-Carriage wheel not touching Rail

While doing some tightening of belts and wheels I notice one of the x-carriage upper wheels was not touching the rail. I loosened the lower wheels to see if it would just hang on the upper wheels but it did not. I didn’t see this when I originally assembled. Anyone see this before ? any ideas on solution ?

I am guessing you either forgot that there are actually FOUR lower adjustable wheels (two on the other side from what is pictured) or there is a singularity hovering above your machine disrupting Earth’s normal gravitational field.

Before calling NASA - try loosening all four eccentric wheels on underside of your carriage and I suspect that v-wheel will once again make contact. If that doesn’t do the trick… run for your life.

Check to see if the screws for all 4 upper wheels tight. If so loosen then all and reset them, This is done with the lower eccentric nuts loose. After the top nuts are tight again then set the eccentric nuts and tighten every thing down,

Ahhhh 4 eccentrics. Got it😜

A singularity would have been super exciting. But probably dangerous too.