X-Carve 1000 for Sale in UK

I’ve only used the machine a couple times. Unfortunately I didn’t realise it was quite so big! The machine is fantastic but space dictates that it has to go!

This is the Fully Loaded version bought from Robosavvy. Also includes spare collets and collet nuts as well as a selection of various milling bits and v-bits. Fully assembled (saving you hours of waiting to get started), but i can take it apart if required. Collection preferred (from Birmingham).


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Are you willing to move on the price? bearing in mind I would be coming from Leeds to pick it up :wink:



This is already quite a saving for you in both time and money and quite a loss for me in both. £1000 is the price as I can’t afford to charge my time for the many hours I spent getting the machine assembled and up and running.

Basically it’s a bit of give and take on both sides.


You can get a new fully loaded X-Carve from Robosavy in the UK for
so it is some saving and ready built is a plus for some .
Just remember you wont get the same guarantee that you get from a shop
and it is second hand.

Ok. Would it be ok for me to come and see it running? Possibly this weekend?


You are very welcome to come and see it running but unfortunately not this weekend. Next weekend is an option!


If you can give me your address and a convenient time Ill see if I can make it.


Let me have your email address and we can sort this out.

Hi Michael,

Are you including the Dewalt 26200 and spindle mount, along with waste board? I assume so based upon your mention of extra collets/nuts/cutters. Can you add some photos?

Were you successful with your assembly and did it go smoothly or did you run into any problems?

Thanks, Chris

Hi Michael, I’m still interested. Is it still available for sale?
Thanks, Chris

Hi Michael, Thought I’d try you one last time before buying a new kit from Robosavvy or Inventables. Is yours still available? Regards, Chris

Oh nvm, it’s wasnt marked as sold so thought it was current ie 15th November, not November 2015