X carve 1000 keeps skipping

One month after installing the xcarve I still can’t get it to work properly. It skips or staggers on mainly the x motor. Also with me second straight line test attempt the y motor seems to skip a bit.

PLEASE HELP. I’ve been trail and erroring this thing for too long now.

I’ve tried connecting a second cable to the x motor to ‘hotwire’ any failure of signal in the cable. This was after many faulty carved designs and before the simple square designs pictures here.

I am assuming Xcontroller?
Please remove the cover and take a photo of the board showing its blue dip switch blocks.

If the motor make a rough grinding noise => it is stalling
Stalling occur if the motor is unable to overcome friction or acceleration is too high.
Or if the current given to the motor is too low.

Those squares, are they dimensionally correct in both X & Y direction?

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Cutting close to the home position seems to go oke but the further I’ll go the more sloppy it gets.

After putting the current of the x axis a little up it seems to stall more.


in the movie you can see it stopping for a moment