X carve 1000 mm not responding to ugcs

i already hav xcarve 1000mm i try to connect to UGCS but there is no responding
please if any body can help me

make sure that UGCS is not open and navigate your browser (Chrome or Firefox or Safari) to:


After following that process there and making sure that it works with Easel first, then you should be able to connect using UGCS.

If this step fails, report back here for more troubleshooting tips.

I think it has something to do with alarm stops. Tried using chrome g code sender and kept tripping alarms. Havent had time to look into it further

To turn off Alarm type in $X. UGS also has a key in the control tab that you can click on and it will unlock the controls!

it make a connection but no responding for command still the problem .

when i try to send file it give me
error while starting file stream : Grbl has not finished booting

wanted to update that for whatever reason my UGS started working fine last night

i upload the grbl for x carve but bot working with ugs
but on easel after uploading the new grbl the cutting size become bigger than the sketch on easel