X-carve 1000 settings for $100, $101 and #102

None of my carvings match the size I put into Easel. They are all running small. At the present $100 and $101 are set at 26.660. Are these correct? Should they bigger for my 1000 X-Carve 1000? Any other settings I should be looking at in GRBL config?

Is that in MM or inches and are you running a stock xcarve?

Here is a link to the default grbl settings for the stock xcarve 1000x1000.

There are notes here regarding the upgrade options and where to find the values for those…

For $100 & $101, the default settings are 40

Your current settings would make your carves just about 66% the assigned sizes in easel

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Thank you, Seth. You come to my rescue again!!! :+1: :+1:

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