X Carve 1000 "Thanks to Forum"

I want to thank everyone that help solve my solution about my machine not wanting to go to Home. Ended up being my setting in easel software. And as far as my issue with my files not wanting to carve well here is what I found out and the solution as I took. I believe there was several issues with Feed and speeds. But the biggest issue was slippage on the Z pulley. There was quite a few ways that was recommended how to fix this issue. I found what worked for me was drilling out the pulley and thru the Z bar and installing a Tension pin 3/32 x 3/4 and I also drill out and installed a 4 mm cap screw. I feel the tension pin would of been enough but putting that extra security in didn’t hurt. The only thing I would say is make sure that you use the correct feeds and speeds. But yea that worked for me and seems to be working out ok. Thanks Again for this great forum. Cheers Tim