X-Carve 1000 & Tiny G

I’m in the process of setting my machine up with nema23, a TinyG and Chilipeppr. I think I have a good idea of what settings to use but would love it if someone could post their settings so I can compare notes.

I ordered the 1000mm, and plan to use a TinyG as well, so I am definitely interested in ANY advice on this setup. My machine is not scheduled to arrive until Wednesday June 10th, and it will probably be the weekend before I have enough time to make any real progress on the assembly. Anyone who can share any advice on this setup, please do.

Tiny G has this page on their wiki for a 500mm Shapeoko. This should be a good starting point. https://github.com/synthetos/TinyG/wiki/TinyG-Shapeoko-Setup

I’ll be using my tinyg with my 500mm x-carve when it gets here. Previously used on a home-hacked CNC I made and wasn’t diifficult to configure and run from the TGfx app. Hoping the tinyg handles the larger motors fine.


I’m running nema23 motors wired in the dual Y Config with each motor connected to it’s own stepper driver. I’ll let you know how well it runs once I get it tuned. :slight_smile:

So I’m a super cnc noob and this is a total noob question, but what is the benefit of tinyg

I already have one and the power supply needed to power it is one benefit.
4 stepper outputs which can be mapped to amy axis. One to each Y motor rather than two motors to one output.
Very refined acceleration algorithm.
I already know how to program it for the motors.
All one one board. No daughter board required.


But if you need both y motors to work in unison what is the benefit of having them controlled independently?

You can individually home each side, so that you know you are staying square. Also could adjust power to each motor if that was needed.

Ahhhh I didn’t think about that. Thanks for the help.

The reason I went with a Tiny G setup was so I can use a Raspberry Pi2, so that Chilipeppr can connect to my TinyG via wireless network. Also allowed me to setup Shuttle Express to take advantage of the Jog Dial feature in chilipeppr as well as run a dual Y motor setup.

I think the only thing that grbl can’t do is run a separate dual Y motor setup. Chilipeppr supports grbl, which means it has access to the Shuttle Express plug-in, and I believe that you can plug in your grbl shield/arduino to a Raspberry Pi and have it pick it up as a com port, so the wireless portion should work as well.

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Here is a chart that John Lauer posted that shows the differences between boards.

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This page does a pretty exhaustive comparison between the two boards:


Just ordered a Due to test out TinyG. I have Polulu a4988 stepper drivers - do you know if TinyG will “override” the power settings performed on the rotary knob? What about microstepping - I see that this can be done in the settings - will it override the jumpers on the CNC board?

Did any of you get your TinyG and Due combos up and running?