X carve 1000 x 1000 work benches / tables lets see how you set yours up :)

Lets see how you Set Up your X-Carve Table / Workbench. Thanks :slight_smile:

This my cnc table , Houston Texas


That is a great idea. I might do that but at table height.

The idea of ​​my design is to use my cnc down and up workbench

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Here is mine.


I know the x carve 1000x1000 is 39.370 in length and with, but when you have the side board added to the machine. What size table top will i need for this machine to fit well on… Machine will be here monday, and i want to build a custom table that will be specifically for the x-carve. Do you think you can help me out on this?

I’m making mine 52x52, hope that’s enuff, waiting on my machine, anticipation is killin me.

Love this, just changed everything, good thing I just started making mine got to make change in plans now this is cool.