X-Carve 1000mm 2015 version not returning to correct work origin

I’ve got this weird issue on one project. Using an 2015 1000mm x-carve. A 3D Pocket path exported from Fusion 360. Where, after 30 minutes of proper cutting and no apparent missed steps, Easel fails to return to the proper work origin at the end of the cut. I’ve see it translate diagonally as expected from its last cut towards the work origin. Right near work origin it jerks suddenly and then ends off by ~1/2" on the x axis and maybe 1/8" on the y axis. This has happened twice now. Even after making massive changes to the cut path. There’s no obstacle in the way. No crash. The prior 5 operations all return to the proper work origin. What should I be looking to fix?


Whats your $1 setting?
If its not 255, then make it so.
Im guessing the issue is the stepper relaxing at the end if the carve instead of holding position and springing back out of place…

Besides that possibly, i got nothing else with the info provided…