X carve 1000mm bits

Where should I look to purchase bits for my X Carve 1000mm machine? I just purchased this machine and have it assembled. I’m new to these machines and just not sure where to go to purchase my bits. Thanks in advance!!

Inventables sells bits and these match the selectable bits in Easel.

I have purchased bits from Home Depot and bits from Amazon. I have a number of Amana bits with very particular angles which I use for specific geometric projects. If you have a Rockler or a Woodcraft in your city, they have good bits for sign making and CNC work. If you have an 1/8 collet you can use any of the Dremel bits but the 1/8" shaft bits are easily broken if you push too hard.

I also have picked up a few bits off of Ebay, but some of these are 6mm shaft rather than 1/4" so they tend to slip in a 1/4" collet.

Amazon Whiteside bits for my V bits
Ebay Drillman
The only bit I purchase from Inventables currently is the 1/8" 2 flute straight bit.