X-Carve 1000mm for sale near Paris, France

Hello, would anyone be interested in buying a barely used X-Carve near Paris area? I got it a few years ago for my work, but it didn’t go well so it was basically sitting unused in my basement. Now I have to move to another country and I never got around using it much, so I’d prefer to sell it if anyone would be interested. It would need some calibration, but it should be perfectly functional.
This is the kit I got:

I will also provide an old-ish thinkpad laptop as a gift.

If anyone is interested contact me for details please. We will make a good offer.

Hi there ,
Have you any pictures . Also can you let me know what you mean by it may need some calibration . What is the asking price you are looking for ? Would it be cheaper if i didn’t have the laptop or is that a free gift ?
In appreciation ,
Tim Sparrow

Hello, thanks for your interest! I will provide some pics tomorrow.
That’s what I meant exactly, it hasn’t been used for more than 1.5 years now, so its calibration may be a bit off. I will verify that everything is working as it should and calibrate it as best as I can, but you’ll need to fine tune it yourself when you’ll actually use it, just like with a new machine.
We’ll agree on the price, depending on where you are and if you need it shipped.
No, laptop is a free gift. It’s nothing fancy, just an old thinkpad to be used as a host for gcode. I just don’t need it if I sell the machine


Hello again, are you still interested? I put it up on leboncoin for 1000 euros

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