Hello people,

I’ve only had the machine for a week or so and used it a couple times on MDF.

It’s not really for me. The machine itself is actually amazing, just not what i need it for.

This is the Fully Loaded version bought from Robosavvy.
Collection only (from London).
Assembled, but i can take most of it apart for easier transportation if required.


Hi I am interested in the machine but have bought a different machine so don’t have the money right now to buy your machine mine is small and not exactly working right
If you still have the machine in a few weeks and I could find some money would you take an offer on it I appreciate you have spent a lot on it and want your money back

Hi, do you still have the machine & what software level is included?

Hi. Yes i still have the machine.
Not sure what you mean by software level. I’ve been using Easel which works fine for me.

Not sure if i will be taking offers below the stated price to be honest. But lets catch up again once you’re ready to buy. We may be able to work something out.

where about in London are you?

Ilford. East London.


I’m interested in this. Please contact me at:

will do.

Hi, did you manage to sell your machine?

hi do you still have this for sale ?