X Carve 1000mm y axis not rolling

Im having a hard time getting the y axis to roll smoothly. The belts were slipping, but now they are nice a secure. Every time I try to move the Y axis in Easel, it just kinda jerks around and struggles. Im pretty sure the machine is square and I have the eccentric nuts open, not sure what to try next. Any suggestions?

Do you have the polarity of the 2 motors reversed so they drive in opposite directions rather than fighting each other?

Does the y axis move smoothly if you push it from the center without power applied to the machine?

It does move very smoothly when the machine is off. Maybe I have something wire backwards huh?

Had the same issue , found one of the wires had come out of the g-shield. Check that too.

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This is what I would check first…

This is about half way through step 10.

thanks, yall. I think I got it. One of the wires was reversed. I guess thats what I get for trying todo the wiring after a few beers. :slight_smile:

Ok, ive been messing with it some more. It pushes easily by hand, but doest move very far when the power is on. It will roll forward and backward only about an inch at a time. Ive set it for 6 inches in easel. It moves a little and then gets stuck. Any ideas?

I’ve never tried to Jog further than 1 inch…I suspect it is possible that there is a limit in the software to prevent someone from accidentally moving further than possible and crashing the gantry into the end plate.

I think it is time to put a simple shape or text in the cut area using Easel and try a test run (you can run it without the spindle on/no mill installed) . If you are wondering if everything is working together some text or a circle would show you what you need to know.

Good Luck!


BlairHarp - Thanks! That was the ticket. I making my first piece now. Working perfectly!

I had the same problem it was the pot on the y. I turned,it up a hair now I can move 30 inches at once no problems

hey I got a similar problem with my axis. if I jog at an inch at a time its smooth. Anything over 1inch it’ll pause. what is the “pot” you speak of.

The pot is on the gshield and controls the amount of current going to the stepper motors. You can adjust it with a small screw driver.

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Also make sure your v-wheels aren’t too tight on that axis, that ended up being the last step of my tuning process.

thanks guys, I appreciate the time you took out of your day to help me out. I’ll look into those tips.

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I was having same issue. Opened the controller back up and my red wire was just barely out of y axis. Was hard to get it to stay put and had to restrip wire etc…

Above image is the wiring diagram from the set up instructions, and the below image is the right Y axis motor from the same instructions.

Am i losing it or the does the picture contradict the diagram for the right Y axis motor?

Red Red, Blue White, Green Green,Black Black
Red White, Blue Red, Green Green, Black Black

This just makes me more confused though because my machine was working fine until i got a new desktop to run it off. Now my Y axis appears to be fighting itself.

Resolved my issue, motors seemed to be physically stuck, once i gave the jog button several clicks at once it seemed to break out of the sticky spot and get moving. weird. oh well.