X-Carve 1000x1000 for sale - Lexington, KY

I am selling my X-Carve because I got a big one for my shop. Nothing is wrong with it, works very good with profiles, carvings and engravings.

It is a very solid CNC, the spoiled board has some use on it but it is totally functional. I Have the extension table but I never use it. I also have all the original clamps. I installed 2 3D printing guards and I have extra new belts just in case.

I have a business and I have been taking care of the X-Carve like a baby. If you are just starting or wanted to jump to CNC engraving/carving, so this is the machine. It has a dewalt 611 router and I have spare carbons brushes so you never stop working with it.

It fits perfect on a bed of a truck. Pick-up will be ideal, if not I can disassemble it and add the cost of shipping.

I am asking $1,600 which is the original price.

I’d be interested in it… private message me so we can work out.

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Got cash , will pick up…


Where are you located?

Indiana… your in Lexington?

Yes. Lexington, KY
Ok. We can close this deal next Saturday after 2-3 PM, or Sunday after the same hour. Would that work for you?

I will set it up here so you can see that the CNC works.

Please send me your phone number so we can arrange the day an hour.