X-Carve 1000X1000 for sale NJ

Fully assembled X-Carve CNC carver with DeWalt DWP611 router/spindle. 3 months old ( Upgrading to Laguna CNC ) maching works excellent no issues. Also will disassemble the rails and ship if required shipping of course is extra. 2/3 waste board is attached, if shipped no waste board included too heavy just go to home depot or order from Inventables. No specific software is required will work with any PC and Universal Gcode sender or other gcode sender also inventables has their own online application Easel just connect the unit via USB cable and your off and running.

Also comes with Kent CNC Dust Boot for X-Carve with DeWALT DWP611


Photos here http://newjersey.craigslist.org/tls/5576706893.html

Is this unit still available? I’m at Fort Meade and live in central Maryland so NJ isn’t too far for me to come and pick up a machine so it wouldn’t require shipping. Can you provide more detail on the machine? My email address is jcarbin52@gmail.com. I wasn’t able to look it up on that link.

Im shocked how cheap you are listing this machine… We just sold our machine … it was fully upgrade to the late 2016 spec with X-Controller… but we got over $2k for it on ebay.

Seems that everyone on this forum is giving away used machines.

May I ask why you sold your machine?

We purchased the X-Carve around May with hope of having the X Controller right away

The x controller was delayed till around Sept … so Inventables sent over a Ardunio setup to get us going.

We had tons of issues with the limits not working as intended … backlash issues that could not be resolved.

They literally sent us tons of parts to keep trying new things.

At the end of it all , the machine was simply not robust enough to cut the materials we were working with , with the level of accuracy we needed.

I gave it one more chance when the upgrade kit came out … and the results were identical.

So at the end of it all we sold the XCarve at a profit , and purchased a CNC Router Parts Benchtop Pro

My new machine is simply fantastic … first
Cut out of the box was 1000x better then X-Carve could do.
Obviously it’s a much larger investment and I still think the X Carve is a good option for people on a budget looking to make some basic parts.

And btw Inventables Customer service is simply fantastic … I don’t want to take anything away from them.
I just couldn’t get my X Carve to produce the stuff I needed it to do.