X-carve 101

Newb here and waiting on my X-carve, Is there a tutorial/video that really “dumbs it down” for us guys that are new to gcode and CAD software and maybe explaining in detail the sequence of how you get from drawing (I like Sketch up) to actual carving? I know you can get started using Easel, but it gets murky when you have to generate gcode for certain things and make it talk nice to easel ect…
Maybe a simple flow chart to start?

Did you read through the assembly instructions? The last step, helps you create your first carve.


I would get your x-carve working using Easel and work out ALL of the kinks (and you WILL have kinks). Then, start reading about UGS (universal g-code sender). Essentially, if you use Sketch-up, you will create gcode from your drawing. That g-code needs to be sent to your x-carve. People here use UGS (or a variant), to send that code to your machine. If you are using Inventables electronics, you should really use Easel first and get things working properly. Then begin your next learning curve.

Ah yes, do not put the cart before the horse! Thanks for the input, since I got the shipping notice my brain has been goin off the rails.