X-carve 2.0 shipping dates?

Ordered my X-Carve on September 4th, and the X-Controller on September 14th.
No emails yet, but I am not impatient… but maybe a little anxious to get started.
Good to know they are shipping though.

I follow them on instagram, this was a post from yesterday.

Tracking said it hit town this morning, but I have to wait until Monday for delivery. Oh well. Still yay. Lol

Ordered the 1000mm on Sept 7, no shipping info yet. Looking forward to it!

ordered mine late day 1 (Aug 31st) - got tracking info about a half hour ago!

Tracking said it’s on my front porch. I’ll see in a couple hours. :slight_smile:

Not if I find out first! :stuck_out_tongue:

What have people been seeing for shipping duration? Where are they shipping from and to? I feel like once I get the shipping notice I’m gonna be really chomping at the bit for it to arrive.

Mine shipped from Chicago Friday night, hit Indy sat early, but being a weekend, it delivered this afternoon.

well, it’s a puzzle. :slight_smile:


Awesome, it came with a really nice pocket knife! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol! If only. That was my device of carefully opening the boxes. :slight_smile:

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Got my upgrade kit yesterday!!! Hopefully I’ll have time to upgrade this weekend.

Any update on the latest shipments?

Got mine all built and running. So I get to say “1st” Right? https://youtu.be/gjfQHUDVgs8


Damn must be nice! Wish I could of snuck in the clamp set but my credit card was 2 grand and my order was 1998$

I like that relay box. I may have to purchase a 3D printer.

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I ordered mine with a $1000 credit card. FYI for the future - if you have the funds available you can over-pay on the card to give you additional available balance, then place the order same day. Most banks will leave the overage for a minimum of 72 hours before they take any sort of action.

Yeah Mine was a bit different being a virtual debit visa card, And it landed up not working so had to do an electronic transfer to them instead.

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Ordered mine Sept 7th and just got the shipping notification! Clamp set is back ordered but can’t wait for the X-Carve to arrive on my door step!