X Carve 3D Layers/Zeroing

I am extremely interested in preordering an X Carve CNC machine. However, I’m totally new to this realm and had a question. It appears to me that using X Carve/Easly would only allow for 2D milling (set a depth for one job, once completed if you want to reach a new depth you must start a new job). While this isn’t all that bad for 2-3 passes, it doesn’t allow for the creation of a 3D project.

My question is:

Is the X Carve limited in this way due to hardware or software. If I found another CAM program that could create a 3D job, could the X Carve complete that task? An example of a “3D job” would be anything with a sloped edge, or varying depths in the same pass.

@DerekJordan X-Carve is fully capable of 3D Carving. You can do complex 2.5 D in Easel. If you want to do complex curves you’ll need a ball end mill and a program that can do CAD and CAM like Fusion 360 or Aspire.

If you have a CAD package you are comfortable with you can use a CAM package like MeshCam, HSM Works, or mastercam to create the gcode. You will then need Univeral G Code sender to send the job to X-Carve.

Thank you so much for the response! I am slowly understanding how this all works. My next question is…

If I have to change bits in the middle of a job (for instance using a rough cut first, followed by a finish cut) how do I make sure the X Carve is set to the exact same zero? (EDIT: I saw posts on setting the Z axis zero, but this question is more for X/Y)

I was thinking maybe make a small dot on the wood, which I use for X/Y zero every time I have to reset the machine. But maybe there is a more automatic and precise way of doing it?

We have a walk through that helps you change the bit. It stores the X,Y but you will need to reset the Z = 0 position.