X Carve 500 donated in a box Need help with component Inventory

Hi, New to the world of X Carve. I am a Machine Tool Instructor at a tech school. We recently got a donation of an X Carve that we intend to get going and then have it placed in an area High School. I am very familiar with the World of CNC and also the general world of Electro-Mechanical so the terms and process is familiar. Just need some help getting this machine going. I think I am missing a few pieces especially on the controller end. My thought is I just need to buy a new controller and keep the chassis, but not for sure. Is there any way that I can post some pictures of what I have so a veteran of the X Carve world can look over what I have and give me some advise? If posting pictures is not possible can I make a Youtube video and post the link here so someone can watch it?

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Why not just head over to http://x-carve-instructions.inventables.com/ and reverse engineer it to figure out what you are missing? Going through the instructions (has plenty of pictures and an item list for each part) would help tons. Hope this helps




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Great. I will try to make a short video tonight and post the link. I looked thru the BOM and Instructions but those are still a little vague, as I do not know what the parts are called originally to be able to match them to a description from the list. I believe the Chassis to be 100% complete. Its mostly the controller and wires that are up in the air. It came with two separate control boxes. Small and rectangular. my thoughts are there should be 4. 3 for the X, Y, Z and one for the Spindle control.



The Spindle is a small silver air cooled unit. the label is very scratched, but i believe it says Model # 30416-01

Ok. Good to know. Will post Youtube video hopefully shortly. My gut feeling is that all I have that is usable is the Chassis and stepper motors. spindle and controller will probably need to be new.

Here is a link to YouTube video that shows what I received. If the link is not good, type X Carve Router Donated into YouTube search bar.

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Probably spindle on/off for 1st one. I see now where the pin outs are for the axis controls. Can you point me to the exact build instructions I should use? I got no paperwork or anything with this unit. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated. I will probably run the spindle I have till it fails.

Found the Build instructions! Should be good to go! Thanks again!

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It’s possible there may be someone close to you who has an XCarve machine and could assist you.
Posting your location here may help locate someone.