X-Carve 500 for sale, So. Virginia

I am selling my V-Carve 500, upgraded to a larger machine. I have owned it for about 4 months, carved some items for model airplanes, not much use. I am looking for $500 for the unit.

wow. that is a good price. If the IRS wasn’t fighting me tooth and nail for my refund…

would you be able to ship? endmills and controller included?

I can consider shipping, but I suspect it would be rather expensive. I have several 1/8" and 1/16" endmills to go with it. Yes, the controller is included as well as the Z-probe.

Hi do you have any pictures?

A couple of photos. Are you interested?

Sent you a message

I’m interested in buying this from you, and I’m in NC. Also, can’t figure out how send you a direct message.

Sent PM


Sorry, sold this last weekend