X-Carve 500mm Complete Kit

Hi All,

Looking to purchase an X-Carve 500mm Kit however am currently put off by the shipping price to Australia.

Does any one know what the weight of the 500mm fully loaded kit is? I’m looking to get an external carrier.



Have you checked the shipping without the wasteboard included? I ordered the 1000mm system and shipping for the wasteboard to me was nearly $130 USD, and I’m about a 5 hour drive from Inventables. I can only imagine what shipping must be like to half way around the world…

By dropping the wasteboard and it’s high shipping, I knocked $257.98 off of the total shipped cost.

Thanks for the information Michael, I will check it out.

Having said that I would love to know the weight of the kit as it would help a lot in sussing out my options. Can anyone provide specifics?



It depends on the modules you select. If you list out the configuration I can add up the weight for you.

For what it’s worth (and can’t say it’ll really help you)

Box 1 of “core components”) for my 1000mm machine (does not include the rails or wasteboard) box stated 30 lbs.

Also if you don’t want to list out your configuration I posted the weights to this guy’s configuration.

Thanks all for the feedback, it’s great community support.

I will be placing my order in the next few weeks, can’t wait!

Hey All,

Anyone had their X-Carve held up by Australian customs? Just wondering how long it takes to process.

I should have configured two packages so I was under the $1000 AUD limit…



Hi Trent,

How did the import go? I’m also in Australia and thinking about buying one

  • James E
    Adelaide, SA

Hi James

In the end I ended up going via inventables as costs were comparable. The frustrating part was the wait. :smile:

Dont waste your time with the stock spindle. Mine lasted a week. I brought the Dewalt adapter and used a Makita router with the 3d printed bracket on the site, its awesome. Oh and i had to get the collet adapter from the US.

Hi Zack,

How about this fully loaded 500mm what is the total weight, and what is the content and weight in the other package?

Thank you.