X-Carve 750mm plus accessories in Kansas

I have a fully assembled and functional 750mm system available for sale. There is nothing wrong or missing from the machine. It comes with around a dozen bits of various sizes as well. I am located in Wichita, KS and I would like to sell it local to avoid shipping it! $1600

Why so high? Brand new with the wasteboard, DeWalt 611, drag chain kit, clamp set, digital calipers, end mill starter set and a year’s subscription to Easel Pro it’s only $1403+shipping.

I am only wanting to get out of it what I still owe. I can tell you after all the upgrades selected and all of the additional bits I purchased with the machine, this is what I spent.

Is the price negotiable at all? I am interested, but can’t afford the asking price.

Yes, I will listen to serious offers

Brent give me an email. I am local to Wichita and would like to talk with you about your machine.

I am able to go to $1,200 (that is where the payment is left at now). You can text me at 316-253-9266

Do you still have the machine? Can I call you/