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What is the best method for keeping the material from moving when cutting all the way through the material? Also any suggestions on the best kind of bit to use to cut all the way through material?


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It really depends. Many would say tabs, but there are times when tabs aren’t the best solution and instead double sided tape (or 2 layers of blue tape and CA glue to make a DIY double sided tape) might be the best tool for the job.

On medium to larger parts I would use Tabs, specifically placed in areas that are easy to sand down the tabs with a tool be it a stationary sanding disc or belt machine or even palm sander, anything but hand sanding with a block!
On very small parts I might use double sided tape… or other shapes where I don’t want to deal with tedious tab removal…

Bit selection is very dependent on desired results and material type.
For plywood where the veneer chips rather easily, I would use a compression bit…
for MDF either a compression or straight bit
For acrylic and aluminum, a o-flute bit (aka a single flute bit)
For Hardwood like walnut I tend to use a downcut bit with good results, but the chips need removed well or the bit will get hot from re-cutting.

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Double sided tape. Manco carpet tape used to be my favorite but it isn’t available around here any more. That meant a change to using double sided duct tape from Lowe’s on all my projects. I cut thin strips off as one wide strip can be too much depending on what you are doing. Any residue can be removed with acetone. I hate the smell of CA so that isn’t an option I want to use. Creative Clamping, screws into a wasteboard are other options but you don’t want to run into them. I’ve seen people use hot glue stick as well as a means to hold stuff still.

Most of my bits have been two fluted Whiteside straight bits. Whether I go part way or all the way down through the wood. I try not to put tape in areas I know the bit could hit, as it does gum it up some.

Shurtape Blue Duct Tape 1.88-in x 12 Yard(S) in the Duct Tape department at Lowes.com

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All of these suggestions are great, it really depends on how delicate the project is.

I use 23g pin nails on the corners. use a down cut or a compression cut end mill which leaves saw dust in the channel.

Thanks for the advice!

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