X-Carve affecting TP-Link

Hey there, I have an interesting and frustrating issue, my X-Carve in my workshop which is connected to the house internet via a TP-Link network over mains adaptor, and it seems that whenever I switch on my X-Controller, my network to the house drops out, and i have no internet, meaning, I can’t access easel. Anyone else have this issue? Any remedies? I can run a speed test, and I’ll have 20mb in the workshop, and as soon as I switch on the x controller, it just disappears and I have no network.

Thanks in advance


Most likely harmonics being back-fed from the DeWalt 611. You can try installing an filter/choke. The problem is that the Ethernet over power-line places the data over the top of the normal frequency of the mains power as ripples and expects the mains frequency to be roughly the same all the time; this acts as the “carrier frequency”. When harmonics are introduced onto the mains lines the harmonics distort the waveform and the Ethernet devices cannot reliably communicate. I would suggest WiFi if you can; you should be able to get directional WiFi if your shop is pretty far away from your house.

One option in the interim would be to do the following:

  1. Export the GCode file to a location on your computer in the shop using Easel
  2. Load that GCode file into Easel
  3. Fire up the X-Carve
  4. Finally, have Easel send the loaded GCode to the X-Carve.

Easel does not need internet connectivity to send the GCode to the machine. It just needs internet to make changes to your project and generate the GCode. Once the GCode is generated it is downloaded to your local machine and the Easel web app. communicates to the Easel Local Driver to send the GCode to the X-Carve. Since you would have the GCode generated already and loaded into Easel, you should be able to send it even though Easel will lose internet connection when the X-Carve starts up.


Brandon Parker