X carve all built and set up

So after counts use of words not safe to use around my children the x carve is built (bar the side wire casing as there were 6 M5 locking nuts missing and I haven’t done the side board yet) table legs going on tonight.

First carve done too and couldn’t believe how much fast the x carve is versus the Chinese machine it’s replacing.


Looks like you got your table done.

Luckily I wasn’t missing any parts in my build. However, you are up and running :slight_smile:

It’s done now. Then it was being held up by 2 chairs that were the perfect height. Just need to figure out the best way to secure the x carve to the table.

I’m hoping that the bits I’m missing are easy to come by must admit I’ve not checked yet but it’s a cosmetic shortage rather than mechanical so it’s not a deal breaker.

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Yeah, securing he X-Carve would require pretty robust clamping system. One thing that concerns me is the X axis. I think that would need to be secured towards the front as well. Not sure if it would slide forward under its own weight. But, I’m sure you’ve already considered that.

I’m going to fashion some sort of bracket that clips over and under hook style to support the x axis when stored to prevent any bowing of any kind.

It’s the actual base mounting I’m struggling to solve