X-carve and ArtCam

Has anyone used the ArtCAM software with their X-Carve?

I do have V-Carve Pro and ArtCam. ArtCam some point better control for 3D releif but little complicated. It’s very good software package. But one thing sure, V-Carve have no learning curve. Buy it today, start carving same day.

Thanks Alan, something to think about. As they both sell for the same price $149.00 I though the ArtCAM was a better purchase choice as it is not limited to one thing as the V Carve Photo is.

artcam has a lot of add on options, you have to buy seperately. Unless you buy artcam insignia for $2500,-.
When i have the money i’m going to buy V-carve pro, i think its the best program you can get for that kind of money.

last week i have downloaded a trail version of estl-cam, real cheap program with some nice features.

V-Carve Desktop or if you would pay more Pro all you need, V-Carve Photocarve is totaly different.

I have been learning to use ArtCam express. It is not easy to wrap my head around some of the ways to do things, not easy like Easel, but can do other more complex things than Easel.

Did my 1st releif carving and was very impressed, will post once I seal it.


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Hi Bob
I Have artcam express 2015 R2 and i have problem in setup relief 3d model, I work with my xcarve and sent the gcode (tap file),some times i finished with good conditions,but all the time the work go in bad , not as simulation, i have horizontal line , that means the z access change his level or steps , and go deep than the program do .

Hi Jama,
Sorry, can not help you. I moved to an apartment and no longer have my workshop or X carve.

Hopefully someone else on the forum can help you.


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Can you help a newbie with workflow? Using artcam express, but can’t figure out how to import into easel pro.