X-carve and Cambam software

hi everybody, sorry for my incorrect english.

I would like to share my experimentations with peoples which use Cambam software.
after some trys, there is all of you need to use your X-carve with cambam :slightly_smiling:

post.zip (1,4 Ko)

there is 2 postprocessor inside this file. you must put them here:
C:\ProgramData\CamBam plus 0.9.8\post

the GRBL laser.cbpp is needed for laser cuting/engraving.

i have used it with my j-tech photonics with success.

if you have other questions about cambam, or J-tech lasers, maybe i can help you !

I tried to make use of the GRBL.CBPP file but it caused an error with CAMBAM, key not in dictionary. I wonder if this is just me or if anyone else has had success. I’ve downloaded the most recent version of CAMBAM.