X-Carve Assembly - Day 1

I just started assembling the X-Carve, just jotting some notes \ recommendations \ questions as I go …


I definitely recommend going thru the bill of materials (BOM) and making sure everything in the box is present. This step took me about 30 minutes but was well worth the time. I was able to get somewhat familiarized with the parts I’d be using in later steps.

X-Carriage :

This step took approximately 60 minutes. The instructions are very well laid out, videos are nice, but not critical since there are smaller thumbnails for details you can expand.

Not sure if I’m a fan of the eccentric nuts.

I suspect I’ll be coming back to some \ all of the screws with Loctite at some point…

The allen wrench needed for the stepper motor pulley is TINY, this was a challenge. The tool kit might have been a good idea…

That’s all for now ran out of time tonight, hope to complete more tomorrow night and wrap it up this weekend

Have you seen some of the reviews of the X-Carve on YouTube? If not, you may find it helpful just to give you a heads-up as to the different issues that may come up. I made a video specifically for assembling the X-Carve, which you can find in the maintenance/troubleshooting video thread at X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!.